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Poor drainage




An ideal soil should have 20-21% air space. Anything below 10% is compacted. Aeration is closely tied to the drainage test. A simple way to check your drainage is to dig a hole 12" deep,and fill it with water. See how long it takes to drain.It should only take a matter of minutes. If water is still in the hole 6-7 hours, 24 hours, or days later you are lacking aeration and/or drainage and the tree will essentially suffocate due to poor aeration. If it drains quickly it has good aeration and is not compacted. If there is good drainage and your tree shows symptoms of stress, please check the drought page.

Poorly compacted soils, particularily on new construction home sites consisting of excavated compacted fill subsoil with a 'cap' of topsoil, typically do not have good drainage.

Symptoms of a tree problem under poor drainage often mimic those due to drought.

Trees suffering from poor drainage will show stress by discoloration of the leaves. The leaves of the tree will then appear wilted or droopy, almost like it is too dry. A portion of the tree or the entire tree will eventually die due to the roots being unable to breathe.

Whether the issue is drought or poor drainage, the problem can be solved.

The most economical way to solve poor drainage site problems, is by creating island communities


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