Norms Greenhouse and Nursery LLC offers a large variety of unusual plants and trees, traditional favorites and new and improved selections.

Varieties italicized and in bright yellow are new varieties for 2012..

Use this informative link to help you in your perennial research....Walters Garden Perennial encyclopedia

Over 70 varities to choose from for your collection!






Cultivar Name

Miniature Blue 'Blue Mouse Ears'
Miniature Blue/White 'Mighty Mouse'
Small Green/Yellow 'Little Sunspot'
Small Blue/Gold 'Popcorn'
Small Yellow 'Sea Fire'
Medium Blue 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'
Medium Frosty Blue/Green 'Alligator Shoes'
Medium Cream/Blue 'Aristocrat'
Medium Cream/Blue 'Blue Flame'
Medium White/Blue 'Blue Ivory'
Medium White/Green 'Christmas Candy'
Medium Yellow/Cream/Green 'Deja Blu'
Medium White/Blue 'El Nino'
Medium Blue/White 'First Frost'
Medium Blue 'Flemish Sky'
Medium White/Green 'Fragrant Queen'
Medium Blue 'Halcyon'
Medium Green/Ivory/Lime 'Hanky Panky'
Medium Ivory/Gold 'Heavenly Tiara'
Medium Blue/Green/Gold 'June'
Medium Yellow/White/Green 'June Fever'
Medium Dark Green/White 'Night Before Christmas'
Medium Blue/Green/White 'Orange Marmalade'
Medium Green/Yellow/White 'Remember Me'
Medium Green/Cream 'Revolution'
Medium Blue 'Silver Bay'
Medium Gold/BlueGreen 'Tokudama Flavocircinalis'
Medium Green/White 'Vulcan'
Medium Blue 'Winfield Blue'
Medium-Large Green/White 'Francee'
Large Green/Yellow/Ivory 'Ann Kulpa'
Large Blue/White 'Barbara Ann'
Large Gold/Green 'Brother Stephan'
Large Yellow/Blue/Green 'Frances Willians'
Large Cream/Yellow-Green 'Frozen Margarita'
Large Yellow/Blue/Green 'Guardian Angel'
Large Dark Green/Gold 'Guacamole'
Large Cream/Dark Green 'Independence'
Large Gold 'Key West'
Large White/Green 'My Child Insook'
Large Gold/Blue Green 'Olive Bailey Langdon'
Large Gold/Green 'Paradigm'
Large Blue/Gold 'Paradise Power'
Large Gold/Green 'Pauls Glory'
Large White/Dark Green 'Patriot'
Large Blue 'Queen of the Seas'
Large Blue Green 'Rhino Hide '
Large Yellow/Green 'Satisfaction'
Large Cream/Blue 'Snow Cap'
Large Green/White/Gold 'Strip Tease'
Large Blue/Lime 'Sugar Daddy'
Large Gold 'Sun Power'
Large Blue 'Yankee Blue'
Giant Blue 'Blue Angel'
Giant Blue 'Blue Hawaii'
Giant Blue ''Blue Umbrellas'
Giant Blue/Green/White 'Dancing in the Rain'
Giant Blue/White 'Earth Angel'
Giant Dark Green 'Empress Wu'
Giant Green 'Jurassic Park'
Giant Green 'Komodo Dragon'
Giant Blue 'Krossa Regal'
Giant Dark Green 'Niagara Falls'
Giant Cream/Blue/Green 'Northern Exposure'
Giant Cream/Green 'Parhelion'
Giant Ivory/Blue 'Regal Splendor'
Giant Gold/Blue/Green 'Singing in the Rain'
Giant Gold/Blue/Green 'Sleeping Beauty'
Giant Gold 'Sum and Substance'
Giant Blue 'T-Rex'
Giant Green 'Vim and Vigor'
Giant Light Green/White 'Winter Snow'


Inventory numbers subject to changes on a daily basis. Some varieties may not be ready to sell immediately in the spring

We reserve the right to adjust pricing at any time during the season and restrict quantities sold

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