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SDSU Selections

Norms Greenhouse and Nursery is proud to carry Woody Plant Introductions from McCrory Gardens, South Dakota State University, under the direction of Norm Evers. (Director, 1984-2004)


Homestead Buckeye Aesculus x 'Buckeye'

A nicely rounded tree reaching 25-40' in height and 15-20' wide with medium green foliage. Excellent fall color and few fruit.


Tannenbaum Mugo Pine Pinus mugo 'Tannenbaum' More information on Tannenbaum...

A tree form of the popular evergreen shrub. It can reach 10-15' in height and 8-11' in diameter. It maintains its nice dark green color all year long.

Meadowlark Forsythia Forsythia x 'Meadowlark'

A hardy 4-8' tall shrub with much more reliable spring bloom than other cultivars of Forsythia for the Northern Great Plains.

Rushmore Arborvitae Thuja occidentalis 'Rushmore'

A broadly columnar evergreen shrub that may reach 25-30' tall and 3-8' wide. It has foliage that resists winter burn and browning during our harsh winters.


Nugget Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius 'Nugget'

A hardy shrub that will reach up to 6' tall and 5' wide. It has lime green spring foliage that turns golden-green in later summer with nice exfoliating bark.



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