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Dwarf and Miniature forms



'Golden Tuffet' Dwarf, Globose
Very slow growing. Sun brings out the best color. Pillow shaped golden orange focal point shrub.

'Hetz Midget' Dwarf, Globose
Very slow growing. Forest green foliage with fine texture. Bronze winter color.

'Mr. Bowling Ball' Dwarf, Globose
Extremely dwarf compact form. Fine and delicate sage-green threadlike texture.

'Umbraculifera' Dwarf, Globose
Slightly blue to mostly green leaves. Winter foliage varies from brown to green.

'Woodward Globe' ('Woodwardii')Dwarf, Globose
Deep green sprays of fine lacy foliage. Shades of green and brown in winter. Maintains its broadly rounded shape.

False Cypress, Threadleaf

pisifera filifera
Slow growing, mounding culivar of Golden Threadleaf Falsecypress
Intense yellow color threadlike foliage


'Deborah Waxman' distinctive pyramidal form
Blueish-green foliage emerging light green in the spring. Needle like leaves turn yellow before dropping in the fall. Showy rosy cones in the spring.

'Prag' tightly mounded form
Bluish green foliage emerging light green in spring. Upturned finely needled branches turn bright gold in the fall.
Extremely slow growing, rare dwarf form


Pine, Bristlecone

'Sherwood Compact' distinctive pyramidal form
Extremely slow growing and dense form. Fine textured emerald green foliage.


Pine, Mugo

Mugo, dwarf spreading round or broad pyramidal
Dark green long dense needles are retained on the tree for more than four years.

'Slowmound' Mugo, mounded habit
Extremely dense, compact and slow growing. Dark green needles.

'Aurea' Mugo dwarf uniform globe shape
Medium green in summer, distinct golden needles in winter

'Jakobsen' true dwarf, spreading habit
Rich dark green evergreen conifer. Spreading habit with branches forming in clumps, revealing gray branches and giving it an ancient look

'Mops' dwarf mounding
True dwarf Mugo form. Retains its shape well, dark green.


Pine, Scotch

'Beauvronensis' dwarf, low spreading mound
Fine textured bluish green foliage. Very slow growing and very hardy.


Pine, White

'UConn' White dwarf



Dwarf Colorado 'Globe'
Dwarf globose form. Very compact and dense with nice blue coloration.

Dwarf Colorado Blue 'Montgomery'
Slightly mounded cone-shaped symmetrical. Bright blue needles. Slow growing.

Colorado 'Lundebys Dwarf'
Mounding form and steel-blue needles. Becomes wider than tall. Stays compact.

'Sester Dwarf'
Compact pyramidal similar to dwarf Alberta Spruce but much hardier. Bright blue color.

Colorado 'St. Mary's Broom'
Small flat bun. Reliably mounding or globose. Miniature blue form of Colorado Spruce. Powder blue.

Dwarf Colorado Blue Globe/Standard
Silver-blue globe shaped and flat topped. Bright blue and densely branched.

Spruce, Norway

'Fat Cat' dwarf
Reliable and slow growing green globe shape. Dense round form.

'Hildburghausen' miniature
Perfect globe shape. Leaves small and light green. Extremely slow growing.

'Lanhams Beehive' dwarf
The needles are longer and thicker than other dwarf conifers, light green tint, prominent cinnamon colored stems and buds. Boldly textured compact plant.

'Pusch' dwarf
Mounding habit. Medium green needles. New cones on tips of branches are a rich red color, maturing to a tan-brown.

'Birds Nest Spruce' dwarf
Nest like compact form. Slow growing bright green color. Very hardy.

Spruce, Serbian

'Nana' dwarf
Compact globe when young, becoming pyramidal as it matures. Unique soft green needles with blue undersides.

'de Ruyter'
Slow growing irregular sculptural habit. Displays either blue needles for a frosty look or green for a softer look.


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