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For those of you who cook, you are probably already familiar with herbs, at least in their dried form. If you have not tried fresh herbs, you are definately missing out. The flavor and aroma of fresh herbs is
far superior to that of dried, and it takes much less to acheive your desired effect. They have the added bonus of containing no calories , fat, or sodium, which makes them an excellent choice to enhance
the natural flavor of the foods you eat.

Herbs are extremely versatile. If you do not have an abundance of space, plant your herbs in containers/planters along with your favorite flowering annuals or vegetables. They provide an excellent textural
component with their extensive variety of foliage and color choices. Placing them in containers also gives you the potential to optimize their location closer to the kitchen or kitchen garden, off the deck
or patio and ensure that they have a sunny spot to thrive.

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